French Tuition in Rennes, Brittany, France

French Lessons and French Conversation also available on Skype

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Your Tutor

Your tutor Céline is a French native and a graduate of La Sorbonne University. She has an eleven year experience in tutoring French language to English speakers in the United-Kingdom where she specialised in one-to-one tutoring for students (GCSE, A-level, University), professionals, people who own a house in France, those who go France for a holiday break, etc. She decided to create this French Tuition Course in France on the request of her students.


"Thank you for your time and patience"

David, December 2011

"Thank you for being a great teacher!"

Teresa, May 2012

"Many thanks for your help. Without you I would not have done it! [A-level exam]"

Ella, April 2012

Stay one week and learn French in one of the most vibrant French cities

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Tailor-made Private Lessons & Activity Programs

"Maintaining fluency in a second or third language is a challenge if you have few opportunities to practice those languages with native speakers. After decades of using French in my professional and personal life, I became quite rusty due to non-use. I went online to search for a private tutor to improve my fluency before going to France for a multi-week stay.


Fortunately, I found a very competent and engaging teacher in Céline Micout. Via Skype we conducted tutoring sessions tailored to my needs. She advised listening to French radio broadcasts and reading newspaper articles prior to each session during which we would discuss—in French—content and perspective. She pre-selected the content of these sessions by scanning media for timely and important topics in France. Her personal fund of knowledge and her well-structured French syntax added depth, currency and variety to these sessions. When needed, we would review grammatical content embedded in the assigned readings/broadcasts.


Once in France, I found that my investment of time and money to work with Céline was invaluable. My ease with the spoken language had returned and my knowledge of current affairs allowed for animated conversations with family friends and former colleagues who only spoke French.  


I had also engaged her to organize cross-cultural activities to improve both my spoken language and allow in-depth access to local color. These experiential activities were fantastic. Additionally, face-to-face private tutoring sessions with Céline allowed my granddaughter to significantly improve her intermediate French skills in reading and speaking the language.


Without a doubt, she had ushered me back to a level of fluency that I had hoped to achieve and the experience was quite dynamic. I would highly recommend working with Céline Micout for customized teaching at any skill level in the French language, whether in person or via live online connection. She is especially gifted at working with anglophone clients due to her fluency in English."


Jackie Noller, Baltimore, Maryland USA, August 2015